[Advaita-l] The Trimurti-s appear and disappear in every kalpa - The Parasara Dharma Samhita

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> Sayanacharya (Madhavacharya) has commented on this text elaborately and the
> same is available in multiple volumes.

Sayanacharya and Madhavacharya were actually two brothers.  Out of respect 
for his older brother, Madhavacharya often signs his works as 
Sayanamadhava which is why they are often confused together. 
Sayanacharya is of course the authoritative commentator on all the Veda 
shakhas.  Madhavacharya is the authour of the aforementioned Parashara 
Madhaviyam and Kala Madhava on jyotisha,Sarvadarshanasangraha, a 
compendium of all nastika and astika philosophies then extent, Jaiminiya 
Nyayamala and Vaiyasika Nyayamala which are epitomes in verse on each 
adhikarana of the Purva Mimamsa and Vedanta sutras respectively along with 
tikas called Vistara on each, Madhaviya Shankaradigvijaya on the life of 
Shankaracharya and Madhvaviya dhatuvrtti on Paninis' dhatupatha in 

The brothers were also responsible for the foundation of the Vijayanagara 

The brothers were the disciples of Swami Vidyatirtha and Bharatitirtha of 
Shrngeri.  Madhavacharya succeeded them at the peetham under the name 
Swami Vidyaranya who is celebrated as the author of important Advaitic 
works such as Vivaranaprameyasangrah on the Vivarana interpretation of the 
Brahmasutrabhashya, Jivanamuktiviveka on the nature of jivanmukti, 
and Panchadashi amongst others.  In these works too he often ascribed 
joint authorship to his guru Swami Bharatitirtha.  (There also some 
Shrividya works ascribed to Vidyaranya though some scholars dispute that 
it is the same person.)

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