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(Book condensation from Tattvaloka, July 1999, Volume XXII No. 2 )
Heir  to  Sharada  Peetha  -  II
The Mahaswami kept a close watch over the
progress of his ward. He not only visited the
pathasala regularly but would also evaluate the
answer papers of the students. The answer
papers of Narasimha gave him the confidence
that Sharadamba had answered his prayers and
that Narasimha was well on the road to
sarvajnatva, fullness of knowledge, for which he
had prayed so ardently.
During his tours, the Acharya esatablished in
1910 an institution of higher Vedantic training,
‘Bharatiya Girvana Proudha Vidya Vardhini
Sala’. His automatic choice for the course was
his special student, Narasimha. The others could
seldom  understand  the  mystery  of  the
Mahaswami’s relationship with and the fondness
for this “impecunious, retiring type of boy.” One
is  reminded  of  Sankara  Bhagavatpada’s
assessment of the true worth of his disciple Giri
whom others had regarded, in their ignorance,
as dull witted.
Before sending Narasimha to Bangalore, the
Mahaswami briefed him on why he was sending
him for further studies there.
Even more important is the fact that the
Mahaswami initiated Narasimha with
Neelakantha Traiakshari mantra. After initiating
him the Mahaswami told him, “Both for you and
for those who acquire knowledge under you, this
will constitute the means of earning God’s grace.”
This special blessings underscores the awareness
of the Mahaswami of the future role of
Narasimha as a Sadguru.
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