[Advaita-l] What If Time Is an Illusion?

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I give a simple example to show that it is not inferential sleep experience.
I was sitting alone in a dark room - perhaps meditating! My wife brought a plate full of laddus and left it in the room - perhaps to store it there. When she came back after a couple of hours, I was there and the room was still dark but there are no more laddus in the plate. She started accusing me that I ate all that Laddus. I told her how can say that I ate all the laddus - She said -you were alone were there and no one else seems to have come and gone and now there are no more laddus in the plate. You must have eaten all the laddus (without leaving for anybody). This is called the inferential experience of eating laddus. 
The fact is if my stomach is so fulfilled that I cannot eat any more proves that it is not just inferential eating but actual eating and enjoying that Laddu. If I still longing for food with an empty stomach, then it is only inferential eating and not factual eating. Same way, when I get up from a deep sleep and say I slept very well and ready to act with all the energy, that recollection in the waking state is not inferential but experiential. 
It is as simple as that.
When I was giving this example in my class, people thought that I like laddus and some started bringing it. I have to change the example to Rasamalai to make it point! 
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Sri SSS in paramArtha chitAmaNi says recollection of sushupti by waker only inference of the waking mind about sushupti. 
Interesting point!
praNAms Sri Ravi Kiran prabhuji
Hare Krishna
Yes, interesting point and anubhavAtmaka fact as well.  If the waker’s mind is active in sushupti ( deep sleep) then sushupti anubhava would differ from individual to individual just like in waking and dream states where we have different experiences.  But interestingly when someone says :  yesterday night I had a sound sleep, nobody would ask the counter question what that experience is !! ??  The sukha-nidde ( dreamless sound sleep) anubhava is ONE and SAME for all.  Hence as soon as some one shares his experience of deep sleep we straightaway come to know what would be the ‘experience’ of that sound sleep.  This will not be the case when someone says :  I had a dream in my sleep, yesterday, why because karaNa (upAdhi) belongs to individual is different there hence we have to ask about the particulars of that dream state experienced only by that individual and same is the case in waking state.  The eka-rUpa anubhava in sushupti for everyone is because there is neither objects nor the indriya-s exist differently from oneself clarifies bhAshyakAra in bruhadAraNyaka. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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