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The video link is given at the end. Very valuable talks.


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Such initiatives to inculcate interest in shastras in our Vedadhyayis are
indeed the need for the hour. It is refreshing to note that recently such
events are being organized now and then.

Even 1½ years ago, from 18th to 20th of August 2017 to be precise, a
Vedanga Upanga Vedabhashya Parichaya Goshthi was conducted with the
blessings of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Shankaracharyas by a Chennai-based
organization called Satsamhita (http://samhita.in/). The goal of this was
to draw the interest of students studying higher levels of Veda adhyayana
towards learning Samskritam and Shastras by giving them an introductory
exposure to the content of these shastras.

This goshthi was sponsored by Maharshi Sandipani Veda Vidya Pratishthan,
Ujjain and the venue was Shri Veda Vyasa Gurukulam Pathashala, Nemilicheri,
Chennai. The program extended to three days and over 140 students from
various pathashalas from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh participated.

Some pathashalas which participated in the conference had already been
teaching their students the sutras of the shadangas and related texts, and
the conference helped to orient those students towards learning the
meanings and the method of application of those sutras.

Several senior scholars like Brahmashri Mullaivasal Krishnamurti Shastrigal
of Chennai, Brahmashri Venkatarama Ghanapathigal of Hyderabad, Brahmashri
Sundararama Vajapeyi of Chennai, Brahmashri Devanatha Tatacharya of
Tirupati etc had participated and guided the students. The VC of Maharshi
Sandipani Pratishthan Brahmashri Ravinda Mule and the secretary of the same
Shri Virupaksha Jaddipal had also participated. Many speakers at the
Goshthi made the subject more interesting to the audience using
computerized presentations. It is also notable that former Election
Commissioner Shri Gopalaswami presided over the inaugural function.

The videos (in mixed Sanskrit and Tamil language) of the seminar are
available for view at

I hope more such events happen to benefit every Vedadhyayi!

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