[Advaita-l] Prapanchasara: Shankara alludes to the 'Sharabha-Shiva' episode from the Kalikapurana

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Recently we saw the Parasara smriti saying the Trimurtis are born and
perish in each kalpa.  Actually this is not any real birth and perishing,
but Brahman assuming these roles and withdrawing them.  To take the
Trimurtis as persons is the biggest mistake. If we take that they are
tattvas then there will be no quarrel.

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> Namaste
> Siva and Brahma are tricked by Asuras many times. Like Bhasmasura
> tricked Siva and wanted to use Siva's boon to burn Him only. Vishnu
> rescued Siva. Vishnu also once got married to Lakshmi's sisters and
> lived with them happily forgetting He is Vaikuntha Pati. Siva had to
> come and challenge for battle. In the battle Vishnu remembered His
> true nature.
> After Narasimha Avatara also Siva had to come as Sarabha and fight
> with Narasimha and make Him to realize He is Vishnu. These stories are
> showing Tri Murtis can be tricked also like ordinary Jeevas.
> There are many stories showing Ishwara can be tricked by Maayaa.
> Another thing is Kaala is the great destroyer and nobody can withstand
> His power. Krishna was shot by a hunter and died. Raama also left His
> body after Lakshmana and others died. What is Kaala? It is  Maayaa
> only. There was a discussion here to show Kaala is a power of Maayaa
> only. Therefore Maayaa is powerful and trick everybody.

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