[Advaita-l] Excerpts from the 'lost' kaaThaka recension

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What about Vaikhanasa Vedic Sutras? They must be having Vishnu worship only
without Shiva. Probably there are no Advaitis following it.?

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> The ‘lost’ kAThaka shaakhaa has yielded a set of srauta and grihya sutras.
> An excerpt from these and other texts that remain only as quotations in
> other works reveals to us that from the most ancient times vaidikas
> worshiped both Vishnu and Shiva through various karma-s. We also get a
> glimpse of the status of Gayathri, as the Shakti worshiped by the
> Trimurti-s.
> The file can be downloaded from here:
> http://www.mediafire.com/file/7tlt2s6f6jvztdz/Excerpt_from_Katha_samkalana.pdf/file
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