[Advaita-l] Tungalahari - Musical App from Sringeri Sri Sharada Peetham

Divya Meedin divyameedin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 00:45:45 EDT 2019

Tungālahari is an audio publication from Sri Sharadapeetham Sringeri.
Beginning with various audio albums already published in the form of
cassettes and CD's, it is planned to eventually include the musical
outpourings of various artistes in the course of regular pujas - Sri
Chandramoulishwara puja, Sri Chakra puja - and during various festivals and
functions held in Sringeri. Alongside, theme based recordings will also be
featured, evolving to include a complete collection of the compositions of
the *Jagadugurus of the Sringeri Guruparamapara*. Texts of the compositions
featured will be available.

The current version includes the following albums:

1. Śrī Guru Suvarṇamālā
2. Bhakti Sudhā Taraṅginī - Vol. 1
3. Bhakti Sudhā Taraṅginī - Vol. 2
4. Bhakti Sudhā Taraṅginī - Vol. 3
5. Gurudēvatāstutilaharī
6. Bhakti Sudhā - Vol. 1
7. Jagadguru’s Compositions - Vol. 1
8. Jagadguru’s Compositions - Vol. 2
9. Homage to Sadāśiva Brahmēndraḷ
10. Śrī Śāradā Stuti Mañjarī - Vol. 1
11. Śrī Śāradā Stuti Mañjarī - Vol. 2


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