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Dear RyanJi,                        रमते सर्भूते सुस्तौरेश्चरिश्च ...अन्तरात्मस्वरुपेण...रमुच्यते गच्छतिIt is used to describe The Holy Name of Rama and is quoted in conjunction
with a verse from the Rama Tapini Upanishad  I read it in one of the Goswami Tulasidas' s works in Rmacharita Manas which goes like this:
In the Kali age, Poeple reach the end ofmundane existence simply by singing Rama’s praises. Neither Yoga (concentrationof mind), nor the performance of sacrifices nor spiritual wisdom is of anyavail; one’s only hope lies in hymning Śrī Rāma’s praises. Giving up all otherhopes, whosoever worships Śrī Rāma and fondly chants His praises undoubtedlycrosses the ocean of transmigration. The power of the Name is thus manifest inthe age of Kali. 

 (29-3, Sri Rama Charita Manasa Stotra)
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 नमस्ते Dear group
I have not had the time to post for a while and have missed your wonderful
I have followed some threads when time permitted.

I am posting now requesting help to identify the source of two quotes
I was given an audio recording, so the spelling is mine:
1. तत्सत्त्वे तत्सत्त्वम् इत्यन्वयः ।
तदभावे तदभावः इति व्यतिरेकः॥
I have googled and found a few documents referencing this in ayurveda and
in nyaya philosophy but what I found seemed to be quoting and not a source.
Can someone say where the original is found?

2. This one is at a part of the recording where the quality is not too
good. A passing vehicle. I was told it was from the विष्णुधर्मोत्तर पुराण
and found and online version here:

But as much as I searched the text for the different words and
combinations, I could not find anything similar.
Here is what I heard:
रमते सर्भूते सुस्तौरेश्चरिश्च ...अन्तरात्मस्वरुपेण...रमुच्यते गच्छति
It is used to describe The Holy Name of Rama and is quoted in conjunction
with a verse from the Rama Tapini Upanishad (1.6)

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


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