[Advaita-l] Question about Sri Vidyaranya's JMV & jnani matra

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> <<  And Bhagavan then remarks on your point:
> *“It may well be asked, ‘If there is no ‘I’ (aham), how did he speak?’
> When properly understood, that which occurred as ‘I’ before, becomes our
> own Nature (swarupa) afterwards. That is called destruction of mind (mano
> nasa). That thought- free awareness or other signs of awareness are cases
> of merging (laya) and not of destruction (nasa). So long as there is
> merging and emerging, it is merely a state of spiritual practice
> (sadhana),” said Bhagavan.*
> So the I is replaced by our own nature; the mind is destroyed but speaking
> is possible. These are paradoxes, of course, but how else to explain the
> inexplicable?  >>,
> praNAms Sri Akhilesh prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> If I remember right, bhagavaan by citing the example of clock explains how
> the jnAni can interact without the mind (manOnAsha, kArika ofcourse has the
> reference of manOnAsha in the jnAni).  For that matter Shruti while talking
> about Atma svarUpa explains how Atman  can  walk without legs, how can he
> see without eyes, how can he near but too far, how can it run more faster
> than speed of the mind (manOvega) while standing still 😊 etc. apANipAdO
> javanO graheetA pasyatachakshuH sa shruNotyakarNaH.  The jnAni is the one
> who has realized this Atma svarUpa and he is fully established himself in
> seemingly tadviruddha lakshaNa Atman and more importantly HE_IS_ATMAN /
> BRAHMAN...So, if he says I can talk without mouth, I can walk without legs,
> I can hear without ears etc. For the onlookers / ajnAni-s this renderings
> may sound senseless but it is a fact that jnAni's seemingly contradictory
> statements like this is the result of Atmaikatva samyak jnana.
Yes, well said.

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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