[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Devotion Leads to Highest Good

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Mon Feb 3 00:56:12 EST 2020

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Devotion Leads to Highest Good
Man will continue to be subject to the cycle of births and deaths
until he attains liberation (mukti). The effect of his stock of punya and
papa (merits and demerits) will impact him in the form of prarabdha
(karmic destiny allotted for the current lifetime). However, one can
escape this cycle of transmigratory existence through the attainment
of atmajnana (Knowledge of the Self). 
While it is true that, in principle, every person is eligible for atma-jnana,
it cannot be easily attained by all. There are several yama-niyamas
and sadhanas (austerities and spiritual practices) to be observed.
Our forefathers have prescribed devotion towards the Lord and
chanting His holy name as the primary means during this Kali Yuga.
Even as man performs his daily karma, he has to work towards
strengthening his devotion towards the Lord. Much sreyas (spiritual
welfare) will follow and there will be progress on all fronts. The
effect of his demerits will diminish to a fair extent owing to his
pashchattapa (repentance). With increase in faith and devotion
towards the Lord, man's mind will get purified. This is what
Lord Sri Krishna says to Uddhava in the Srimad Bhagavatam:
  yathAgniH susamR^iddhArchiH karotyedhAMsi bhasmasAt |
  tathA madviShayA bhaktiruddhavainAMsi kR^itsnashaH ||

"In the same way that the heat of a strong fire completely burns
wood to ashes, devotion towards Me will completely destroy all papa."
As accumulated papa gets destroyed, the mind gets purified (attains
chitta suddhi). Eventually, through the Guru's upadesa (instruction),
Self-knowledge dawns and man will attain liberation (moksha).
Our blessings for everyone to understand this well, cultivate
devotion and become a recipient of the Lord's grace. 

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