[Advaita-l] Understanding Pure Existence, Sat, Brahman through an analogy

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 21:40:44 EST 2020

In the Shankara Bhashya for BG 2.16  नासतो विद्यते भावो ----- in the eg.
घटः सन्  it says घटः is the विशेष्य and सत् is the विशेषण.  //विशेषणविषया
एव सा सद्बुद्धिः.//
An explanation of the purport of this statement is given in this short
audio in English and partly later in Kannada.  Audio here:



Sat, Pure Existence, Brahman, is beyond sensory grasp.

It can be appreciated by senses only in association with an object.

Hence, Shankara, with a view to correct/avoid the erroneous idea that Sat
is non-existent without an object, posits 'visheshanatva', attributeness,
to Sat.

A red color cannot manifest unless in association with a cloth, pot, wall,
etc. Yet it is not non-existent.

Anandagiri says: Gotva, a jaati, cannot manifest without the go-vyakti.
Yet, gotva is not non-existent.

All this is required for understanding the existence, rather rejecting
non-existence, of Sat, Brahman. Once this is in place, the realization of
Sat as taught by Mandukya as prapanchopashamam is required by negating the
objective world as mithya. This is the essence of BG 2.16.

This is the Adhyaropa-apavaada nyaya.


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