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Namaste Divya ji
Thanks for sharing the biographical details of a great Mahatma viz., Musiri

It is written that he completed Salakshanam after studying Ghana patha.

What does Salakshanam mean ? The six vedAnga study plus four other granthas?
I saw the expression "dashagrantham" too in this context.

Can you please clarify?

Thank you

P.S. i also noticed one important dimension to him viz.,  that "he stressed on
many occasions that learning of Vedas was not enough and that Oupasanam,
Agnihotram, Somayagam etc are to also be performed". The advice may have
been occasioned by the exclusive focus on learning the mantras while being
somewhat indifferent to veda bhAShya, upAsanA, kalpa etc., that is common
in many vedapAThashAlas.

I remember talking to one Vaidika who had studied up to ghanam but
refrained from any public display or performance of ghanapAtha in deference
to his Guru's advice that over-emphasis on ghanam has unwittingly led to
the best students going for ghanam and neglecting study of the veda
bhAShya, vedAngas etc., particularly kalpa.

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> श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः
> Mahaan Sri P.S.Ananthanarayana Vajapeyayajee (Musiri Periyava)
> The life and legacy of a Mahaan, on the occasion of the completion of the
> first year of His Brahma Sayujyam on Magha Pournami
> *****A short write-up in English, on Brahmasri P.S. Ananthanarayana
> Vajapeyayajee (Dikshitar) by Brahmasri Kannamani Dikshitar:
> https://namadwaar.org/news-entries/musiri-shri-ananthanarayana-vajapeyaji/
> *****An eloquent moving tribute to the Mahaan by His exceptional Sishya
> Brahmasri V. Rajagopala Ganapatigal, in His April 2019 Vaithikasri
> editorial (Tamil):
> https://ia800701.us.archive.org/15/items/DailyUpanyasamByMusiriBrahmasriYagnaramaSomayaji_201805/20190323%20musiri%20periyava.pdf
> A few details contained in the Tamil article on the Mahaan:
> -Took to Unchavrutti, Pravachanam, Nitya Karmaanushtaanam, Gosamrakshanam,
> Nityaagnihotram after quitting His Principal post at Tirupati, upon the
> directives of Kanchi Jagadguru Srimad Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal
> -Performed several Homams to ensure proper rainfall
> -Performed Chaturmasya Yaga once every four months for several years
> -The Kanchi Matam sent Him a White Parasol as is tradition upon His
> completion of Vajapeya Yagam
> -Sringeri Jagadguru Srimad Bharathi Tirtha Mahaswamigal has graced His
> abode
> -Sri Rajagopala Ganapatigal has mentioned how His Guru perfomed His
> Nithyanushtanams even during the train journey on their way to Narasaraopet
> to have dharshan of the Poorvashrama father of Sringeri Jagadguru Srimad
> Bharathi Tirtha Mahaswamigal
> -"We shouldn't go to see Acharyal frequently; living as per His advice is
> the best way of paying our respects to Him" - His advice to His Sishyas
> -Was instrumental in arranging the marriages of several Vaideekas ; He went
> voluntarily and spoke to the brides' families for the cause
> -Presided over the Ahitagni Sadas at Kanchi Sri Shankara Matha
> -Stressed on many occasions that learning of Vedas was not enough and that
> Oupasanam, Agnihotram, Somayagam etc are to also be performed
> -Sri Rajagopala Ganapatigal mentions an incident when His Guru did not
> desist from airing his disagreement regarding a particular issue during
> performance of a Agnishtoma Soma Yaga in Kumbakonam, but later presided
> over the performance of the same - illustrating that it is Dharma to point
> out Adharma without focus on the outcome, but had the magnanimity to aid
> even those in disagreement
> -Has been referred to as Mahaan and Maharishi by Kanchi Jagadguru Srimad
> Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal on several occasions
> -Focussed on Japa of Trayodasakshari (Sri Rama Jaya Rama...) for three
> years prior to His shedding His mortal coil on Magha Poornima 2019
> *****Photos and videos of the Maharishi / Mahaan and His Rishi Patni
> Madhusree Anandavalli Ammal, may be accessed here:
> https://www.facebook.com/Musiri-Brahma-Sri-P-S-Ananthanarayana-Somayaji-169413119764963/
> *****A comprehensive, enlightening website created by the family of the
> Mahaan (with list of Ahithagnis, and articles in English on Yaagam and
> Yaagasala by Sri A. Sundaresa Vajapeyee, son of the Mahaan) :
> http://sankaranna.com/index.htm
> The sons and sons-in-law of the Mahaan are all Nityagnihotrins and have
> performed several Yagas
> *****Sri Yagnyarama Somayaji, son of the Mahaan, maintains a Goshala and
> helms a traditional Vedapatasala at Musiri, Tamil Nadu. He renders daily
> Upanyasams on several topics such as Aacharam, Vratams, Sraddam, Dharma
> Shastram, Sandhya Vandanam etc. that are shared through Telegram and
> Whatsapp. He may be contacted on Whatsapp +919488976124 to be added to
> these broadcast channels.
> श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः
> Namaskaram,
> Divya
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