[Advaita-l] Mahaan Sri P.S.Ananthanarayana Vajapeyayajee (Musiri Periyava)

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lakShaNam means Vedic grammar. Vedic grammar has exceptions from pANini in
things like sandhi, consonant insertions, etc. This is required especially
for jaTA and ghana modes of recitation since the rules would have to be
selectively applied. For example jaTA which goes ABBAAB where A and B are
the pada (words), AB will follow the lakShaNam, whereas BBAA will follow
the usual rules of sandhi. Of course sandhi is only one aspect of


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> Namaste Divya ji
> Thanks for sharing the biographical details of a great Mahatma viz., Musiri
> Periyava.
> It is written that he completed Salakshanam after studying Ghana patha.
> What does Salakshanam mean ? The six vedAnga study plus four other
> granthas?
> I saw the expression "dashagrantham" too in this context.
> Can you please clarify?
> Thank you
> Raghav
> P.S. i also noticed one important dimension to him viz.,  that "he
> stressed on
> many occasions that learning of Vedas was not enough and that Oupasanam,
> Agnihotram, Somayagam etc are to also be performed". The advice may have
> been occasioned by the exclusive focus on learning the mantras while being
> somewhat indifferent to veda bhAShya, upAsanA, kalpa etc., that is common
> in many vedapAThashAlas.

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