[Advaita-l] The Final Truth

sreenivasa murthy narayana145 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Feb 8 23:32:50 EST 2020

Dear Friends,

The following message from the pen of a jnani of 21st century
very clearly brings out the message of the Upanishads.
Quote :
When the "I" is seen for what it is — one thought among others — then your exclusive identity with and as that image is snapped.
The states of the body and mind come and go based on their own cycles, laws and circumstances. That is their nature in the world of appearances. So there is no demand or need that they be a certain way. It is neither right nor wrong, but just a natural display, a vibration in the realm of opposites (high/low, healthy/sick, birth/death). 
            That all goes on against a background of 
                           knowing and being 
        that includes all of it and remains free in itself. 
The natural intelligence takes care of things. 
         Thoughts cannot be present without awareness.
                         You are pure presence-awareness, 
                                which is not a person at all.
These teachings had a very profound effect upon me.
Hence I am sharing these with you.
Please realize these truths within yourself by yourself
and be as Atmavit.
With respectful namaskars,
Sreenivasa Murthy.

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