[Advaita-l] Vedokta mantra for Hanumanji

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Wed Feb 12 22:47:31 EST 2020

In preparation for Mahashivaratri, I am preparing just for my own use, a 
definitive prayoga for Shiva puja according to Gujarati parampara based on 
various sources I've collected over the years.

In our tradition, before the shodashopachara puja and abhisheka, one first 
does a basic puja (i.e. just gandhakshatapushpani) to the parshadas of 
Shiva Bhagavan.  They are:

1. Ganapati. For removal of vighna as in any puja.

2 & 3. Bhairava and Hanuman.  They are considered the dvarapals of Shiva 
Bhagavan and in any Shivalaya there will be shrines or atleast carvings of 
them at the entrance to the garbagrha.  They are also considered avatars 
of Shiva Bhagavan.  Actually in my family we have Dattatreya instead of 
Bhairava for historical reasons.

4. Nandikeshvara

5. Kurmeshvara

6. Amba

In one book, which I consider highly authoritative though sadly the copy I 
have is marred by many printing errors, for each of these a vedokta mantra 
is given and a pauranika or agamic mantra/shloka.  But for Hanuman only 
the shloka is given.

So my questions are,

Is this a misprint in the book or is Hanumanji not worshipped with Vedokta 
mantras?  If there is a mantra, which one is it?

I realize that most readers will be South Indian and/or Krishnayajurvedi 
so the answers might not be applicable but I would still be interested in 
any responses.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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