[Advaita-l] Vedokta mantra for Hanumanji

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Hello Jaldhar,

I have seen South Indian Vaishnava-s use shAnti pa~ncakam and manyu sUktam
of the kR^iShNayajur and R^ig veda-s in temples. Not sure if that helps you.


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> In preparation for Mahashivaratri, I am preparing just for my own use, a
> definitive prayoga for Shiva puja according to Gujarati parampara based on
> various sources I've collected over the years.
> In our tradition, before the shodashopachara puja and abhisheka, one first
> does a basic puja (i.e. just gandhakshatapushpani) to the parshadas of
> Shiva Bhagavan.  They are:
> 1. Ganapati. For removal of vighna as in any puja.
> 2 & 3. Bhairava and Hanuman.  They are considered the dvarapals of Shiva
> Bhagavan and in any Shivalaya there will be shrines or atleast carvings of
> them at the entrance to the garbagrha.  They are also considered avatars
> of Shiva Bhagavan.  Actually in my family we have Dattatreya instead of
> Bhairava for historical reasons.
> 4. Nandikeshvara
> 5. Kurmeshvara
> 6. Amba
> In one book, which I consider highly authoritative though sadly the copy I
> have is marred by many printing errors, for each of these a vedokta mantra
> is given and a pauranika or agamic mantra/shloka.  But for Hanuman only
> the shloka is given.
> So my questions are,
> Is this a misprint in the book or is Hanumanji not worshipped with Vedokta
> mantras?  If there is a mantra, which one is it?
> I realize that most readers will be South Indian and/or Krishnayajurvedi
> so the answers might not be applicable but I would still be interested in
> any responses.
> --
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