[Advaita-l] Jagat Mithya, Brahma Satyam - Bhagavatam - JaDabharata - Rahugana dialogue

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SB  5.12.9. One may say that varieties arise from the planet earth itself.
However, although the universe may temporarily appear to be the truth, it
ultimately has no real existence. The earth was originally created by a
combination of atomic particles, but these particles are impermanent.
Actually the atom is not the cause of the universe, although some
philosophers think so. It is not a fact that the varieties found in this
material world simply result from atomic juxtaposition or combination.

SB 5.12.10: Since this universe has no real ultimate existence, the things
within it — shortness, differences, grossness, skinniness, smallness,
bigness, result, cause, living symptoms, and materials — are all imagined.
They are all pots made of the same substance, earth, but they are named
differently. The differences are characterized by the substance, nature,
predisposition, time and activity. You should know that all these are
simply mechanical manifestations created by material nature.

SB 5.12.11: What, then, is the ultimate truth? The answer is that nondual
knowledge is the ultimate truth. It is devoid of the contamination of
material qualities. It gives us liberation. It is the one without a second,
all-pervading and beyond imagination. The first realization of that
knowledge is Brahman. Then Paramātmā, the Supersoul, is realized by the
yogīs who try to see Him without grievance. This is the second stage of
realization. Finally, full realization of the same supreme knowledge is
realized in the Supreme Person. All learned scholars describe the Supreme
Person as Vāsudeva, the cause of Brahman, Paramātmā and others.

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