[Advaita-l] Allegorical interpretation of PurANAs

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Thu Feb 27 22:27:47 EST 2020

We even see today people do things for some minutes of pleasure and
accepting risks. A young man drives the car very fast and recklessly and
meets with accident and injury. Why did he drive so fast knowing there is
a  risk? There is no answer. Many people drink and smoke heavily knowing
there is a risk of cancer and early death. Why? There is no answer.

This is the message of the Bhagavata Sloka. They say the sex appetite of
many women is very high. Why they are like that even though they know there
is a risk of sin? There is no answer.

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> Hari Om,
> How do we really ascertain as to whether a particular description in
> PurANas is allegorical one or factual one.
> For eg, how do we understand BhAgvat 6.9.9? Should we really believe it as
> a historical event or just ignore or give allegorical meaning.
> Allegorical interpretation seems impossible here. Factual one absurd.
> Ignoring it appears the only option left.
> Regards.
> Sudhanshu.
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