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> kabandhāś∙chinna śirasaḥ khaḌga śaktyṛṣṭi pāṇayaḥ |
> tiṣṭha tiṣṭheti bhāṣanto devīmanye mahāsurāḥ || 2.64 ||
> Namaste
> Can someone please help with the sandhi viccheda and meaning of the word
> khaDga-saktyRShTi-pANayah in the above shloka?

Sri Venkata Sriram ji has given the sandhi viccheda.  The word means:
Shakti = ३. An iron spear or dart.

https://kosha.sanskrit.today/word/sa/RSTi     ऋष्टि = a spear/lance/sword.

Putting these together we get the meaning of the first line: kabandha-s,
with their heads severed, with their hands holding khaDga (sword). spear
and lance (whatever difference is meant across the three types of
weapons).   The second line: The other great asuras are crying out to Devi:
tarry, tarry (stay, do not run/move away).

And it's accurate pronunciation?  =  शक्त्यृष्टि.  Sriram ji has given the
word.  You can test your pronounciation. This is a usage in the
Mahabharata  शक्त्यृष्टि परासहस्तानां ..I think this would be properly
rendered in Telugu:    శక్త్యృష్టి
warm regards

> Any help deeply appreciated
> Thank you
> Raghav
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