[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Means to a Life of Sanctity

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Thu Jun 4 16:56:15 EDT 2020

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No matter how successful a person might be in life or a chosen
vocation, his life will not be deemed purposeful if he does not
have even the slightest inclination towards engaging in practices
like worship and meditation with faith in the Divine. 
Consequently, man's suffering will not easily cease and instead
only intensify with time. Man will thus remain trapped in a cycle
of unfulfilled desires where events pan out contrary to what he
wishes for. 
Therefore, under all circumstances, faith in the Lord, and control
of the senses (indriyas) and the mind, are essential to man. 
If he were to reflect even briefly on the reasons for his suffering
and bondage, and the means to extricate himself from it, he would
realise that it is only the attachment of his senses towards objects,
and the consequent bondage, that results in his suffering. Along
these lines, he will also realise that the means to liberation
(Moksha) lies in control of the senses (indriya nigraha).
  अन्वीक्षेतात्मनो बन्धं मोक्षं च ज्ञाननिष्ठया |
  बन्ध इन्द्रियविक्षेपो मोक्ष एषां च संयमः ||
  anvIkShetaatmano bandhaM mokShaM cha GYAnaniShThayaa .
  bandha indriyavikShepo mokSha eShaaM cha saMyamaH ..
With at least a fair understanding of this principle, if a person
seeks refuge in a TattvaJnani (a person who has realised the
Supreme Truth) and becomes a recipient of his instruction
(upadesa), then all problems will resolve easily and his life will be
Our blessings for everyone to imbibe and put this into practice. 

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