[Advaita-l] Explanation of "Saptavidha Anupapatti" ( The Seven Untenables )

Raghav Kumar Dwivedula raghavkumar00 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 03:23:20 EDT 2020

Can you please share which Swamiji mentioned these seven anupapatti-s? And
the overall topic of the lecture in which this was mentioned.

(I shall assume that he is a traditional Advaita acharya (Swami
Guruparananda ji on panchdashi maybe?).  Because he referred only in
passing to the seven untenables. If he had been a vishishtAdvaita teacher,
he would have spent the entire lecture only on untenables etc.)

In that case, you may have got your question totally mixed up. The list you
gave of anAdi entities has nothing untenable about it. They are
well-accepted in Advaita Vedanta as the "six beginningless entities" (the
number is not seven, it is just six) viz.,

jIva (individual being),
Isha (cosmic being), vishuddha-cit (pure consciousness),
tathA jiveshvarayorbhidA (their difference),
avidyA, tacchidoryogaH (saMbandha or connexion)
ShaDasmAkam anAdayaH

There is a shloka on this subject probably from panchadashi?

The topic of your post on the other hand is about the seven untenables
which is an entirely different topic. These are the seven objections raised
by Sri Ramanuja based on an incorrect understanding of Advaita and a wrong
assumption that Advaita negates Ishvara bhakti etc. Maybe he was not
blessed with sampradAyavit teachers who gave appropriate importance to
Ishvara bhakti too...


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> Pranams Atman,
> In a recent discourse, I heard about  "Saptavidha Anupapatti ( The Seven
> Untenables )". But Swamiji did not elaborate on that topic.
> I presume, these seven are anadhi, hence cannot be split into cause &
> effect.
>    1. Jeeva.
>    2. Eashwara.
>    3. Visudha chit.
>    4. Jeeveshayorbidha.
>    5. Avidya.
>    6. Tatchitoryoga.
>    7. Avidya Sambanda.
>   I jotted down these seven from the discourse. Is this correct ?  Kindly
> enlighten me.
> *Regards,*
> Mahadevan.N.Iyer
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