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Hari Om,

Acharya relies exclusively on Shruti to establish that entire world is

But then, world involves kriyA, hence Brahman per se cannot be the world
because Brahman is stated as Nishkriya. So, avidyA/MAyA is held to be an
entity which transforms into world.

Relationship between Maya and Brahman is stated as that between snake and

Questions remain on the possibility of avidyA/MAyA when a singular
nishkriya Brahman is posited. It is answered by attributing
nyUna-sattAkatva to MAyA in comparison to Brahman. But questions remain on
the logical impossibility of even nyUna-sattAkatva when singular nishkriya
Brahman is posited.


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> I am trying to understand how the entire Universe is Brahman only. What
> arguments Sri Shankara Bhagavadpada puts in his Bhashyas to bring home this
> realization that the entire Universe including all living and non living
> beings as Brahman or Consciousness?
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