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Sun Jun 7 01:04:33 EDT 2020


This probably isn’t helpful but a few years ago I asked a friend from
Chennai to buy CDs and bring it to US where I repaid.  (I would have bought
many more but the total cost was working out to four lacs or so - so put it
off at that point - and would have been too many CDs for the friend to
bring and for me to convert to mp3 format for easy listening).

In addition to the 60+ CDs I received - which I did convert to mp3 for
listening on mobile devices - I had to let go of the series beyond that.
I have found many of His lectures on archive.com or pravachanam.com but its
more of different topics, I felt.  Not the organized order of delivery He
is well known for.  Arsha Vidya has His lectures transcribed which is great
as one can use it as reference.

In these times His lectures could be made available on website to download
and pay via paypal or similar, or even advaita channel on youTube with
donation, I feel.  If its a matter of skills or volunteer to do this, there
are many who could come forward.

But given the ease in access to other Advaita lectures on the internet I
ended up spending more time listening to those.  I understand this may not
sound proper but I am only a beginner.

Today I find Swami Sarvapriyananda’s from Vedanta society in New York
pravachans very enlightening  and with the material available, it seems
inexhaustible and every week more is added.  It is not as complete or
organized a walkthrough as what Swami Paramarthananda has offered to
mankind by going step by step following a very set “syllabi” but it is too
hard to access His material for whatever reason.

There are many gems available on youtube Advaita channel as well, very
complete too on topics and walkthrough of books after books following
Shankarcharya’s bhasyas.

Apologies if I have said too much.

Sanjivendra Nath

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> PraNAma,
> First of all, this group has done a wonderful job of explaining and
> propagating Advaita Vedanta and I really appreciate the passion and
> hardwork of all the members here. I hope for higher spiritual progression
> for everyone.. Gurprasaad.
> I am currently living in Canada and was supposed to go to India in April as
> my family is in Delhi. But due to this Corona, I don't see travelling for
> at least a year.
> I was planning to get the CDs on "vicAra Sagaram" by Swami ParamArthananda
> Saraswati ji from Sastraprakasika Trust in Chennai which runs
> vedantavidyarthisangha.org or yogamalika.org
> Unfortunately, they only deliver and transact in India only. I was hoping
> if someone has the MP3s and can forward it to me. I can pay the due amount
> as well by whatever means convenient . I have been waiting for a couple of
> years to get the pravachanam and I don't want to delay studying
> this grantha.
> Please let me know if you need any details from me.
> Regards,
> Binod Singh
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Sanju Nath

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