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 Shri Mahadevan Iyer ji,

You yourself have already given all different definitions of Maya.

There cannot be any best definition of Maya. 
Depending on the context the definition is used. 
One such is "That which is Not"

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 Pranams Atman,
I came across many definitions & descriptions of Maya.

1. As per Wikipedia (

> *Māyā is the empirical reality that entangles consciousness.* *Māyā has
> the power to create a bondage to the empirical world, preventing the
> unveiling of the true, unitary Self—the Cosmic Spirit also known as
> Brahman.*

 2. *MAYA – The seed-state as POTENTIAL ENERGY. *

> Due to the connection between the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS (BRAHMAN) and MAYA,
> the phenomenon called ISHWARA as CREATOR naturally transpires.

( *Brahman with Maya = Ishwara* )

> Due to the connection between the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS (BRAHMAN) and AVIDYA
> (IGNORANCE), the phenomenon called the individual (JIVA) naturally
> transpires.

( *Brahman with Avidya = Jiva* )

3. MAYA - That which is *wielded by ( attribute of ) Ishwara to create Jiva
& Jagat*.
4. Maya is *Brahman with apparent Avidya*, which causes Ishwara.
6. Maya is the *Cosmic dream of Brahman.* ( but brahman is nirguna )
7. Maya is *Ignorance from Ishwara perspective* ( like avidya is ignorance
from Jeeva perspective )
8. *Maya is Anadi*, hence it has no inception. But *has an end through

  - Is Maya a noun or a verb ?

  - Avidya is clearly understood as the ignorance of Jiva. The locus of
  avidya is in the jiva's mind. But what about Maya ? Could we say that the
  Maya is the ignorance of Ishwara ?

  - Kindly convey the best definition for MAYA ?

*Hari Om,*
Mahadevan Iyer
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