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To whom do these questions arise? You spoke of "we" and "the senses", "the
mind", "the states". So it follows there is a relationship between "us", or
said subjectively, "me" / "you", and our senses, our mind, and our
transition between the states, that we are aware of.

There is a state of deep sleep ("turiya"), when we aren't aware of the
aforesaid body and it's senses, or the mind and it's thoughts, or even the
sense of our self (the "me" we associate with, the "ahamkara").

In that state there are no questions, no associations, and yet there was a
"you" sans any associations, which is there now too.  That is you ("tat
tvam asi"), the real you, the "atman", the eternal witness.

The "ahamkara" arises (and so does the entire universe arise), and so do
these questions we seek answers to too. The questions, the quest, and the
seeking is all the "ahamkara" (the intermediary between your body-mind, the
universe and you), looking for it's source, the "atman", the real you, for
the answer came before the question.

I hope this helps.  I don't consider myself a learned member, and I'm sure
there will be more erudite answers forthcoming.

Best wishes.


On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 4:58 AM sreenivasa murthy via Advaita-l <
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> Dear Friends,
>  How  are  we aware  of  the  senses  or  of   the  sensations
> themselves?
> How  do  we  come  to  know the  mind  or  its  intuitions  themselves?
> And  how  do  we  come  to  know  the  presence or  absence
> of  the  mind  itself  together  with  its   various  modifications?
> How  do  we  ksow  the  appearance  and  disappearance  of the  States?
> I request the learned  members  of  this  group  to
> clarify, in  the light of  the vedanta,  the above  doubts  of  mine.The
> clarifications  are   needed  to  be verified  here  and  now.The  help
> will be  acknowledged  with  a deep  sense  of gratitude.
> With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy
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