[Advaita-l] Advaita Siddhi series 052 - asatassādhakatvopapatti:

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Fri Jun 12 00:36:04 EDT 2020

Just to inform readers/members that the Advaita Siddhi series in English
is  highly  appreciated.  These laurels enthuse one to take the series
seriously and obtain the best benefit therefrom.

Pranams Venkatji,

I have little knowledge of Sanskrit / Nyaya but lot of interest in Advaita
I started studying Advaita Siddhi using your translation as basis.
Your work is excellent, of high quality and immensely beneficial to a

I urge all sadhakas to study Advaita Siddhi in original or at least
The book brings out the subtle points of Advaita and brings more clarity to
the subject.

I once again bow to Venkatji for his wonderful work.

🙏 Thank you and regards 🙏
-- durga prasad janaswamy

Venkat ji Namaste

I was looking for this text translation for many years. Here it is now!😊
I just read the mangalAcharam verse and the translation. It's wonderful!!
Thank you very much🙏🏻

I have copy pasted the work and converted it into pdf and would like to
take print out and I would prefer reading like "Book reading".

Thanks once again.

I'd suggested Venkatji to publish a book, volumes even, as he goes along.
The language used was publishable already when he started.

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> Namaste all,
> It has taken me nearly six months to resume work on the advaita siddhi, but
> the next chapter- asatassādhakatvopapatti: - is available here:
> http://www.advaitasiddhi.com/blog/pariccheda-1-http://www.advaitasiddhi.com/blog/pariccheda-1-asatassadhakatvopapatti
> <
> http://www.advaitasiddhi.com/blog/pariccheda-1-asatass%C4%81dhakatvopapatti
> >
> The pUrvapakshi's contention is that if *pramANa*-s are *mithyA*, they will
> be unable to achieve their function - which is to reveal their object.
> Therefore, if the *advaitin* uses *anumAna pramANa* to argue for
> *jaganmithyAtvam*, he has to necessarily accept that the *anumAna* is
> ultimately real for it to have validity. If he accepts that the *anumAna*
> is real, then *jaganmithyAtva* is falsified (because the *anumAna*, which
> is a part of the world, is real, not *mithyA*). If the *anumAna* is not
> real, then it is not valid, and *jaganmithyAtva* is not proven.
> The arguments used by the *siddhikAra* to refute this are the subject of
> this chapter.
> Regards,
> Venkatraghavan
> >
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