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Hare Krishna

The subject line itself is quite puzzling🙂 Are the AVG ,SDS and his followers / disciples works not orthodox just because they say VC is not the work of bhaashyakaara or NS experience is not the must for advaita paramaartha jnAna or they are not equating avidya and mAya as most of the tradtionalists do nowadays!!?? or Sri MS of advaita siddhi dared against mUla bhAshya not orthodox??  if the answer is yes so Sri SSS works.   Anyways bitter exchanges have already taken place in this list itself let us not open the can of worms once again by questioning the credentials and contributions of Sri SSS to the advaita vedanta sampradaaya.  Just my few blunt answers to the below points :

I will appreciate any opinion of your's about Swami Satchidanandendra’s, works.

>  Sri SSS has written more than 200 books in English, Kannada and Sanskrit and his works available in web also, so I request you to refer it instead of depending on other's opinion on his works.

As you may know, he postulated several principles against the Vedanta Advaita Tradition.
Among them are: the concepts of Avidya; the ‘realization’ as something to achieve in deep sleep state; etc.

>  If you are so sure Sri SSS saying "realization possible by going to sleep daily" please be my guest with proper reference from his works !!!

He also negated any vedantic acharya teachings (Vivarana, Bhamati, etc), affirming that all the guru parampara was wrong interpreting Shankara (with the exception of Gaudapada, Adi Shankara, Sureshvara, and himself…).

>  if you see traditional works the acharyas of bhAmati and vivaraNa, they are not good friends among themselves and they claim that they are the official flag bearers of shankara's advaita tradition by belittling each other by using un-parlimentary language.  So, Sri SSS's call is instead of trying to conclude shankara siddhanta by vyakhyAnakara works, when they themselves are not unanimous, why we should not go back to mUla?? is it not self consistent and self sufficient?? Yes, in this effort, he boldly questions some of the concepts freshly introduced by later vedAntins, one of them is mUlAvidyA.

> and finally with regard to Marta Doherty's paper on mUlAvidyA nirAsa and her socalled refutation of Sri SSS's stand.  I myself talked to her over mail ( I think more than a decade back) and Sri jnAnaprasUnandendra Saraswati has written a paper clarifying the objection she raised in her paper.  Hidden agenda of belittling Sri SSS and holding his works in bad light was conspicuous in this paper.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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