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Chandramouliji - PraNAms
I do not think what you wrote is different from what I had mentioned.
I did mention that there is vRitti vyaapti but no phalavyaapti as it is aparoxam.
The truth is self-revealed. But it is revealed all the time even when there is ignorance. The covering is by ajnaana. jnana vRitti just removes the ajnaana - and in the process, both ajnaana and jnaana vRitti get dissolved.
kRitvaa jnaanam swayan nasyet jalam kaTaka renu vat - says Shankara in Atmabodha.
That is what is meant by no phala vyaapti.
Mahaavaakya through vichaara is the jnaana vRitti needed to remove the ajnaana - Like the winds are needed to remove the clouds blocking the vision of the Sun ( even this example is by Shakara only). 
Hari Om!
But the cleaning up does not by itself result in the destruction of the veil of ajnAna/avidyA covering the Ever Revealing Atman/Brahman. This is my understanding.


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