[Advaita-l] Watch "17th Dharma Shastra Sadas" on YouTube

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 19:33:44 EDT 2020

It was a good program. Audio quality was poor, but you can persevere 
through that.

1) First 45 minutes was on apara kAryam. Mainly in the context of 
current covid-19 situation.

2) Around 45th minute, bhaumAzvinI was discussed for 10 minutes and the 
detailed description of grahaNa observance.

3) Around 1 hr 23 minutes, dIkSitar who was answering the questions 
(very well and authoritatively) show the sad state his home how the 
books are all over the place. Emphasized the need for help. This sad 
topic later returned with much greater depth and force around 2 hr 17th 
minute. It was very sad to watch.  We can certainly cut down some of the 
luxuries we indulge in and help these vaidika-s. Living 3 months with a 
meager income of 7000 INR is painful.

4) Around the end of the program, the disagreement between drik gaNita 
and vAkya paJcaGga was highlighted and the need to reconcile that. It 
came up in the context of grahaNa.

5) Some very interesting things like samana mantrakam, where the right 
of a strI to lit the pyre etc. came up. Other interesting things such as 
ziSTAcara trumps the vAkya in a dharma text etc. also came up.

6) Some time (15 minutes) was wasted on sapatnimAta with jivapitRka case.

Thanks to technology that these types of programs are made available. 
Also kudos to the practicing vaidika-s for using the modern platform to 
discuss the topics on dharma. Left with the prayer that we have to do 
something about #3.


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> Updated link: https://youtu.be/8YX3J6n2BFY
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>> Veda Dharma Shastra Paripalana Sabha
>> 17th Dharma Shastra Sadas
>> Date - 14.06.2020 – Sunday
>> Time 2 PM to 5 PM IST
>> Class - Discussion & Question Answer
>> How to perform Apara Karma during Corona Lockdown – Part 3 And Bowmasvini
>> (16/06/20) & Choodamani Grahanam (21/06/20)
>> Sadas Sponsor - Sri Jagadguru Veda Parayana Trust
>> Sadas Vidwans
>> Agnihotri Brahmasri R Sundararama Vajapeyayajee
>> Brahmasri Dr. R Manidravid Shastrigal
>> Brahmasri R Neelakanta Shastrigal
>> With Pranams
>> Veda Dharma Shastra Paripalana Sabha -
>> https://youtu.be/Le0emQHTWPw
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