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Part II
We can unravel this sloka littlebit for our understanding since Leelasuka says the whole of Upanishad teachingis there for us to find. Uluukhala is the mortar – an inert entity, butin one of his Leelas, Yashoda ties him to that, and he pulls that mortarbetween the two trees and make the trees fall and in the process liberating thetwo fallen jeevas residing in those trees – which are living but with noknowledge of themselves or the world around. 

Their whole life is being spentin gathering food, growing, and dying one day without any further trace (thesix modifications via matter, asti, jaayate, etc.), the biggestaccomplishments for many. We see in every generation millions of being born,grow, become old and die, and generations have come and gone in the perennialflow of the river of time. We too, who are trying to accumulate that this ismine and that is mine etc. are going to go down the stream without any traceand without taking with us an iota of what we have gathered as ours. This lifeitself is a wonder. 

Consciousness tied (as though) to the matter is prakruti, which Krishnacalls as my lower prakruti (aparaa prakruti) in Geeta Ch.7. How Krishna consciousness is being expressed in the inert entity – the worldof things and being –the two diagonally opposite entities, consciousness, andinertness – is indeed a wonder – it is anirvacaneeyam, inexplicable,says Shankara. It is just a wonder how that happens –…mahat bhuutaanirvacaneeya ruupa. 


It is difficult to catch littleKrishna, who is running around as his mother Yosoda mayyaa was chasinghim and trying to catch him. She was not giving up her pursuit to catch him andwas getting exhausted in this run-around. With compassion for his mother,Krishna lets himself get caught. Any amount of guna (rope) to bind him was notenough unless He himself decides to get bound as He is beyond all gunas. aghatitaghatanaa patiiyasee, maayaa – says Shankara – making impossible possible isthe power of maayaa. Bhagavatam says the one, who is infinite and in whom allthe 14 lokas are embedded, and whom both sages of the yore as well as thestaunch enemies, rakshasas, have been trying to bind him but could not,is now letting himself bound by the love of a mother, an innocent Gopika lady.


Bhakti is the essentialingredient required to see Krishna tied to inert prakruti – the mortar–Without this bhakti all we will see is only an inert mortar or all wecan see just the inert world in front of us. To see Krishna that is bound tothe world, we need the bhakti of innocent gopika, along with the desirefor the knowledge to see Krishna. 


Every religion says Lord iseverywhere, but unfortunately, no one sees Him anywhere, as everybody islooking for Him – he being puurnam is the embodiment of happiness thateveryone is longing for. Infinite cannot be seen or known as an object; itrequires a recognition of what I see is nothing but Krishna only with all namesand forms, pervading in all names and forms, yet different from all names andforms and unaffected by the changing names and forms.

That is the culmination of Bhaktiand Jnaanam. In that there is no more bhakta left; the devoteeand deity have become one with no more divisions – yo maam pasyati sarvatrasarvan ca mayi pasyati, tasyaaham na PraNasyaami sa ca me na praNasyati –one who sees Me everywhere and everything in Me, he has become one with Me -from the Bhakti point and sarva bhutastham aatmaanam, sarva bhuutanicaaatmani – who sees himself in all and all in himself – from jnaanam point.

Hence Leelasuka says – this is mysimple advice for those who are getting lost in the forest of Vedas and lookingdesperately to discover the truth. One can find it right in front that is tiedto the world as the very existence supporting its existence. There is no otherway you can find the truth. 
Hari Om!

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