[Advaita-l] Birthplace of Narayana Pandita

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Here is an excerpt from Dr.B.N.K.Sharma's 1933 paper on Trivikrama
Panditacharya - His life and works.  The excerpt is about TP's family
background and the 'current' status of his descendants.


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> Today, I visited the Birthplace of Narayana Pandita near Kasaragod.
> Contrary to popular belief, they have not reverted to Smarta tradition.
> They are still continuing the practice of offering trikala (three times a
> day) pooja to the deity of Lakshminarayana handed over to them by
> Madhwacharya himself. They have maintained Vrindavanam for both NP and his
> father Trivikrama Pandita. They have no information about any members of
> their family settling in parts of Karnataka. According to Madhwa tradition,
> they have settled in Ranebennur Taluk of Karnataka. This is where the
> confusion starts.
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> Kp
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