[Advaita-l] Necessity of Creation

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Pranams Atman,

An excellent resource on Samanvayam.


Mahadevan Iyer

On Fri, 19 Jun 2020 at 23:28, Mahadevan Iyer <mahadevan.n.iyer at gmail.com>

> Pranams Atman,
> What is the necessity for creation ? Why not everything just be
> in its primordial state ?
> In Advaitam, there is no creator, the process of creation, and that which
> is created.
> Brahman appears as Jagat through Jeeva.
> In my view, our perception of MANY, does not eliminate the existence of
> the ONE. Just as the perception of two eyes, four limbs, ten fingers etc...
> does not eliminate the existence of the ONE body.
> Human brain ( Anthakaranam ) creates pairs of duality, like dark & light,
> small & big, short & tall etc. One of which is defined in terms of the
> other. Hence, perception is NECESSARILY of dual nature.  This applied
> recursively leads to apparent multiplicity.
> The trick is that we think in terms of cause and effect by creating a
> timeline of events.
> How Brahman appears as Jagat, cannot be cognized by this logic as Brahman
> is not time bound.
> Kindly convey if there is a better explanation for this. Thank you.
> *Hari Om,*
> Mahadevan Iyer

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