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It is cited in madhva Vijaya that achyutha prajna taught madhvacharya
bhagavatha panchama skanda and that madhvacharya presented his view on it
and he had even memorized the entire panchama Skanda

Yes Achyutha Prajna had taught madhvacharya bhagavatha

Dr Pradyumna R

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> Namaste Scholars,
> According to ManiManjari, Achyutaprajna/Achyutapreksha belonged to a
> tradition in which they only wore symbols of Mayavada externally but they
> where devotees of Srihari. In that case, Achyutaprajna should have taught
> Bhagavatham or any another text which glorified Mahavishnu, in the first
> place.
> Regards,
> Kp
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