[Advaita-l] 'ShaNmata-s' existed in 13th Century CE

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Sat Jun 27 14:23:31 EDT 2020

In the Madhva Vijaya that is believed to be authored during the life of
Madhva, is this verse:
न विश्वक्रुत् पशुपतिः श्रूयमाणागुणत्वतः |
चैत्रवत् किं पुनर्विध्नब्रध्नाद्या बालशंकिताः || 15.15

'ShaNmata-s' existed in 13th Century CE

15-15. Pashupati (Mahadeva) cannot be the creator of the universe since he
suffers from deficiencies as enunciated in the Vedas like Chaitra (an
ordinary human being); then what of those who rank low in gradation like
the Sun, Ganapati and Skanda that are preferred to the authorship of the
universe? (This verse squashes off the theories that ensconce lower Gods
like Skanda, Surya and Ganapati as originators of the world on the
authority of the Vedas.)

The commentary by Chalari Sheshacharya adds //skanda, etc//. to the above
list in the verse.   By etc. in the verse and the commentary, the other
entity, Shakti, could be taken.

In any case, the verse does not limit the entities to six.  We see that the
schools that held these deities to be the Supreme existed during those
times. This is a period when Vidyaranya and Appayya Dikshitar were yet to


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