[Advaita-l] mUlAvidyA in sUta samhita

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Sun Jun 28 08:09:13 EDT 2020


The concept and terminology of mUlAvidyA, as to whether it is coined by
post-Shankara commentators or whether it is advanced by Sri Bhagavatpada
himself in his bhAshyAs as well as referred to in the commentaries of his
direct disciples, has been a point of contention between the protagonists
and opponents of mUlAvidyA. So far I had not come across any references to
the possibility of the term mUlAvidyA being found in any pre-Shankara
texts. However during the Upanyasa on Sutasamhita of Skandapurana by His
Holiness Sri Sri Shankara Bhararti Mahaswamiji of Yadathore Math, KR Nagar
near Mysore in the early part of this month, it was brought out that a
reference is indeed available in sUta samhita, which forms part pf skAnda
purANa, written by Bhagavan Sri Veda Vyasa himself. I am copying below the
relevant part from the same. I believe this could be of some significance
in the debate on the concept and terminology of mUlAvidyA.

sUta samhita, Brahma GIta, Chapter 11 (covering Shvetasvatara Up), Verse
62  (Emphasis mine)

<<  ज्ञात्वा देवं सर्वपाशापहानिः क्शीणैः क्लेशैर्जन्ममृर्त्यु्र्प्रहाणिः।

तस्य ध्याना*न्मूलमाया*विभेदे विश्वैश्वर्यं याति कैवल्यरूपम् ॥  >>

<<  j~nAtvA devaM sarvapAshApahAniH kshINaiH kleshairjanmamRRirtyurprahANiH|

tasya dhyAnAn*mUlamAyA*vibhede vishvaishvaryaM yAti kaivalyarUpam ||  >>


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