[Advaita-l] mUlAvidyA in sUta samhita

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Namaste Sudhanshu Ji,

The principal issue I wanted to highlight was regarding association of the
term mUla with terms like avidyA/mAyA etc in pre-Shankara texts. It has
been the contention of the opponents of the concept of mUlAvidyA that this
term was coined by post-Shankara commentators only. No doubt it is in turn
related to the topic of whether avidyA is bhAva or abhAva category. Any
association with a term like mUla is perhaps  considered to render it bhAva
only. Hence the reference to the sUta samhita verse I had cited earlier
would go against their contention that it is a post-Shankara concept only.
Till now, I had not come across such a reference in pre-Shankara texts.

I am not sure if the Shiva Gita you have mentioned uses the term mUla is
association with avidyA. Or if you have come across such a usage anywhere
else in the purANAs or other smriti texts. Please clarify.

I have no doubts in my mind that the Bhashyas of Sri Bhagavatpada as well
as commentaries of Swami Suresvaracharya, Swami Padmapadacharya and others
treat avidyA as bhAva rUpa only.

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> Hari Om Chandramouli ji,
> Generally wherever mUlAvidyA is questioned, it is stated as abhAva. I was
> going through Shiva Gita (which comes within Padma PurANa). In chapter 9,
> verse 4, Bhagvan says avidyA to be triguNatmika and pariNAmiNI.
> I too had/have inclination to treat avidyA as abhAva, but there are clear
> statements in purANAs to the contrary. I must confess that avidyA is
> clearly treated as bhAva in smritis.
> Regards,
> Sudhanshu.
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