[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Always Uphold Dharma

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Sun Apr 4 23:14:25 EDT 2021

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It is extremely important for man to tread the path of dharma
(righteous path). All pursuits, such as education and
profession, must be rooted in dharma, namely, the disposition
to: Speak the truth; harbour noble thoughts and intentions; be
of service to others; engage cordially with everyone, and so on.
If a person were to embrace adherence to such samanya
dharma (duties applicable to all) as a key attribute of life, his
living would be greatly sanctified. He would be much loved by
all. Several people would rush to support and help him during
times of distress. 
It must be borne in mind that despite the intensity or nature
of problems that a person is confronted with, he must never
transgress the path of dharma. Although the path of adharma
(unrighteousness) may initially seem easy and lucrative,
eventually destruction follows. Therefore, under no
circumstance must the mind turn to adharma.
  na sIdannapi dharmeNa mano.adharme niveshayet.h .
  adhArmikAnAM pApAnAmAshu pashyan.h viparyayam.h ..
  (Manu Smriti)
Looking at the lives of noble personages like King
Harischandra and the like, we understand that regardless of the
severity of their struggles, they never swayed from the dharmic
path and remained ever steadfast to abide by dharma. That is
why their fame is eternal. 
Our blessings for everyone to understand this well and adhere
to dharma at all cost.

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