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Sharing a post by Sri Gokula Krishnan Iyer in FB.  See images of the book

Siddhantakalpavalli of Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra with a rare Sanskrit
Paramahamsaparivrajakacharya Sri Sadasivendra Sarasvati Swamigal has
sensitively transformed Appayya Dikshitar’s eloquent Vedantic prose-work
"Sastra Siddhanta-lesha Sangraha" into the form of poetry which gives
pleasure and joy to the reader.
I had the very first insight into 'the true nature' of our Sampradaya when
I got the books of Sri Vani Vilas Press, Srirangam from a brahmana in
Uraiyur in 2011. When I started my internship in Sri Jayendra Saraswati
Ayurveda College, Chennai, in May 2013, I came across a very large number
of books stored in our college library. On the very first day of our
internship I visited our library as usual. We had around seven shelves
which nobody ever touches. For the first time in my four and a half years I
opened those shelves to see what books were stored therein. To my shock and
surprise, I found many Vedantic books published by various yesteryear
Presses like Sri Vani Vilas Press and others who had got almost the whole
range of our Acharyas' works printed. A few the books I saw in our college
library were 1) Dahara Vidya Prakashika of Sri Paramasivendra Saraswati, 2)
Brahma Sutra Vrtti of Sri Sadasivendra Saraswati, 3) Siddhantalesha
Sangraha of Srimad Appayya Dikshitar, 4) Nyayarakshamani of Srimad Appayya
Dikshitar, 5) Madhva-tantra-mukha-mardanam of Srimad Appayya Dikshitar, 6)
Dravidacharya Darshanam of Sri Polaham Rama Sastrigal, 7)
Chaturmata-saamarasyam of Sri Polaham Rama Sastrigal and others. Everyday
during lunch I would visit the library and spend time blissfully going
through these books.
In the Brahma Sutra Vrtti of Brahmendral published by Sri TK
Balasubrahmanya Iyer, founder of Sri Vani Vilas Press, I was overwhelmed by
joy to read the charitam of Sadasiva Brahmendral in chaste English written
by the publisher himself. Ever since I came across the name of the work
Siddhantakalpavalli in that biography, I had been longing to see a copy of
it published (preferably) by TK Balasubrahmanya Iyer. I never knew if such
a book existed. As a Sringeri shishya, I had been longing to see a book
published by TKB Iyer, the sincerest of all disciples of the 33rd Jagadguru
Shankaracharya of Sringeri Mutt, Sri Sacchidananda Sivabhinava Nrsihma
Bharati Swamigal.
Last year when I had been to Sringeri during the Ganapati Sabha I was too
excited to see the book I had been dreaming for. I am not qualified to
study the Vedanta Shaastra. I was longing at least have a darshanam of our
Acharyas' granthas and I got the darshanam of this work of Brahmendral in
September 2016. I saw this book in the library of Advaita Research
Foundation, Sringeri Mutt.
मुखकृतिकर्त्रे कपालिभक्तिकृते।
प्रणतिं कुर्मः सदाशिवेन्द्राय॥८॥
(Sadasivendra Stava of Sri Sacchidananda Sivabhinava Nrsihma Bharati
We offer our obeisance unto Sri Sadasivendra Sarasvati Swamigal who
compiled works such as Siddhantakalpavalli, who was a devotee of
Parameshwara, and who possessed the fruit of mukti in the palm of his hand.

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