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Sri Samaveda Dharma Rakshana Samithi of Appayya Dikshta Foundation(ADF), as part of its objectives renovating/reconstructing the veda pathasalas which are worn out and in dilapilated condition . ADF is now forwarding an fervent appeal for the exclusive well being of Pathashala vidyartis, towards fund raising /donations /sponsorships for constructing a new building at Triyamabakeshwar, Nashik,
Maharashtra.The Veda patashala at Tryambakeshwar is run by Brahmashri Madhur Gopalrao Joshi, Founder & Managing Trustee of Shruthi Smruthi Prathistan, Sukla Yajurveda Pathashala, Tryambakeshwar, Nashik, Maharashtra.
Sri Madhur Gopalrao Joshi learnt Sukla Yajur Veda in Pandharpur under Ganapati Ramchandra Vanjikar, continued studies in Srisailam under Ganapati Sharad Deshmukh. Then he learnt advanced studies in Vedas in Nasik under Ganapati Godse Guruji from Varanasi and then in Alandi under Vedacharya Vishwanath Joshiji in the years from 1987 to 2000.
In May 2000 he gave Ghana Pariksha and he became a Ghanapati.
Sri Madhur Joshi came to Triyambakeshwar in 2000. He worked in Ganga Godavari Mandir Sanstha for 6 years for Rs.2000/- per month salary. In 2005 he left the job and started Veda Patashala - Shruti Smruti Pratishthan Veda Patashala in the house where he was staying for rent. In the mean while he had also participated in the Veda Samaroh – 1996 held at Mumbai under Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust.
Since 2006 he lives in a kachcha house given free of rent to him at Triyambakeshwar. He lives with his family consisting of, a son (12 years) , a daughter (8 years) and his parents-in-law. Recently in 2020, he lost his wife.
He runs Sukla Yajur Veda Patashala in the same premises where he lives with family and has 15 to 20 students at any point of time, learning under him under Gurukula system. The place where he lives now has been given free of rent to him by Sri Madhukar Gaitani of Triyambakeshwar. This place is called as Sankar Mutt by the locals. But it is constructed of mud and cow dung and has asbestos roof thus making it not suitable for harsh weather and rainy season. Still he has been running the Veda Patashala for the last 15 years with the support of family and well-wishers.
Sri Madhur Joshiji got donation of a land admeasuring 3500 sq.ft near Triyambakeshwar in a place called Dakshineswar Nagar from Sri Ratnakar Joshi Ghotkar. He bought little land adjacent to this land so that they can construct a spacious place to accommodate 100 students and run a Veda Patashala for teaching all four vedas. He had paid Rs.26,00,000/- by collecting money from family and friends. Total land is now 5500 sq.ft of land.
He started construction on this land in February 2019. The budget given by the architect is Rs.1.50 crores. He got loan of Rs.35 lakhs from Bank of Maharashtra, Triyambakeshwar. He managed to get some money from well-wishers and family to the tune of Rs.40 lakhs. He got another Rs.8 lakhs from devotees all over India by sending appeals. The construction is expected to be completed in another two months, and he is running short of money. He needs nearly Rs.50 lakhs to complete the construction and to move into the new premises with family and Vidhyarthis.
The new construction is planned in such a way that it can house nearly 100 Vidhyarthis, four Adhyapakas with their families. There is provision for Yagna Mandapa. A small Go-shala is also planned to accommodate at least 2 cows.
I have personally visited this Gurukula and also the building under construction. We made a small video to appeal for donations to complete the construction and also to repay the loan taken from bank. You can see the video in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhsXN83YqD8

Contact of Madhur Joshi Ghanapati - 919822892760

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