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> Dear Scholars,
> I am requiring a Sanskrit  quote from our scriptures meaning that "
> Liberation (Moksha) is (or must be) the aim of our  human life"

'Atma-laabhaat param na vidyate'  (unknown source),  'ayam tu paramo dharmo
yad yogena atmadarshanam' (Sage Yajnavalkya)

[There is nothing greater than realizing one's Self]   [This is the highest
dharma which is realizing the Atman through Yoga, the appropriate means.]

Kenopanishat says: iha chet avedit atha satyamasti, no chediha avedit
mahati vinashtih'   [If the Atman is realized in this body, birth, that is
the greatest achievement.  If this is not accomplished, there is no greater
loss than that. ]

There are many such statements that extoll Moksha.  All these mean what you
have stated.


> Thanks
> Krishnan.S
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