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Hi Jaldhar

The preface talks about manuscripts obtained from the Maharaja of
Travancore and the Maharaja of Baroda and returning them after translating


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> On Sun, 4 Apr 2021, V Subrahmanian wrote:
> > I scanned through all the pages and found there is no original Sanskrit
> text
> > in this book; it is completely a translation to Tamil.  At the end of the
> > book a list of texts cited therein is given:
> >
> > This includes the Veda, 'asango hyayam purushah', Vyasa Sutra, VasiShTha
> > (Yoga Vasishtha), Vivekachudamani, Smriti, Maitrayani shakha, Gita,
> > Pandhadashi, Purana, Ramayana and Sutasamhita.
> >
> Thankyou to all those who replied to me.  The reason I asked is because
> the widely available English translation published by Ramanashrama claims
> to be based off a Sanskrit translation of the original Tamil work.  I
> received a query from a person who was looking for this Sanskrit version
> and was unable to find it.  I have also been unable to find it.  I suspect
> there never was a Sanskrit version, the English is translated directly
> from Tamil.
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