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 Kameswararao gaaru - PraNAms
Enjoyed reading the potana's poems. There is also sharanagari poem - that starts with yevaaniche janinche -

Vishishtaadvaita emphasizes three sharanagati stories - one is Gajendra sharanaagati - the second is Vibheeshana sharanaagati and the third is Droupadi Sharangati when Dusshashana was trying to disrobe her. 
They all emphasize one important point - only when on exhausts all possible venues to solve the problem and when there is no other alternative, surrender oneself completely and fully to the Lord, then He shall come and rescue his devotee. As long as Droupadi was holding with one hand her saree and praying with the other hand, Krishna did not come. Only out of desperation, she lifts both hands giving up her efforts to save her modesty, Krishna comes. When she ask later why he took that long to come. He says you called me as Dvaarakaa vaasaa - the resident of Dwaraka - Krishna said, it take some time to come all the way from Dwaraka. If you have called Me since I am in the very core of your heart, I would have jumped in immediately. 
Hari Om!


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