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Our Senior Moderator, Prof. V. Krishnamurthi has just published (2 April
2021) a new book, “Sanskrit Maxims Explained” and is available at Amazon
for $16.99 (paperback). It is also available at Amazon India for 415 rupees.

Wiser is a compilation of 366 Sanskrit sayings collected from various works
in Sanskrit from ancient times, particularly, Subhashita Ratna Bhandagaram
of the 9th century. These sayings are full of invaluable advice in the form
of shlokas on all aspects of holistic living including interactions in
society, human relationships, oddities of human behavior and control of the
lower passions residing in the human mind. These maxims also cover our
reaction to experiences, awareness of a divine power beyond our perception,
precious anecdotes from history and many more that defy any categorization.
One can randomly open any page and find oneself wiser on the other side.

I received a copy from ProfVk and started reading.  This is a valuable book
for Sanskrit lovers and all those who want to remember those ancient
sayings in simple slokas.  When I finish reading this, I will certainly
share my thoughts on this book.

Publisher : Notion Press (April 2, 2021)

Language : English, Paperback : 404 pages

Warm regards,

Ram Chandran

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