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Thank you Subbuji! This was a very convincing explanation with which I can
put my doubts to rest.
The examples of Ayyapa and Matrikas are indeed very apt and interesting!!


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>> Namaste,
>> So can we do a bidirectional traceability between our current image of
>> Gods
>> and the Vedic Gods? Is there a clear chronological development and
>> transformation of our Gods and our practices?
> This can be admitted in the Vedic religion.  Shankaracharya, on the basis
> of the Taittiriya Upanishad itself, has held 'ShiShTachaara' as an
> important pramana.  That is, the conduct, actions, of 'noble minded'
> persons, is authority for one to follow, emulate.  So, over time, Vedic
> gods have got more defined forms, attributes, etc. which the 'shishTa-s'
> have accepted, devised, etc. and put into practice.  One example is, for
> instance, the Ayyappa worship.  One may not find Ayyappa in the Veda but it
> is here for all to see, its impact, its acceptance, etc.  The Sringeri
> Acharyas have visited Sabari Mala and worshiped the Lord there.  Another
> instance is the 'Sapta Maatrika' worship.  While Shankaracharya in the Gita
> Bhashyam has specified this Sapta Matrika group as 'bhUta, spirit', over
> the centuries these Matrikas have evolved and graduated to mainstream
> worship.  There are temples dedicated for Sapta Matrikas.  The earlier
> Sringeri Acharya consecrated such a temple and gave a benedictory discourse
> there imploring upon people to come and conduct religious activity there.
> See here:  https://sreenivasaraos.com/tag/saptamatrika/         and
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrikas
> So, a clear cut chart may not be possible for us to prepare but an
> evolution, over centuries, takes place, is not to be denied.
> In all this, is the far reaching statement of Shankaracharya is to be seen
> as the guiding factor:
> Shankara says in the BSB, Brahman/Ishwara can and does take on a form to
> bless/help an aspirant in his sadhana.:
> स्यात्परमेश्वरस्यापि इच्छावशात् मायामयं रूपं साधकानुग्रहार्थम् ।
> (1.1.vii.20) (Ishwara, out of compassion, takes on, by His Maya, a form to
> grace the spiritual aspirant.)
> There is simply no limit to such forms.
> regards
> subbu
>> Om Namo Narayanaya,
>> Anand
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