[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Never Postpone A Noble Act

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Tue Feb 2 23:25:26 EST 2021

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Through the course of his life, man encounters several
favourable opportunities that allow him to engage in acts of
punya (meritorious deeds). For instance, the opportunity to
help a sincere but poor student to continue his education;
assistance to conduct the wedding of an economically
disadvantaged girl; and assistance towards the sick and needy.
One must never let go of such opportunities. One must
immediately take cognisance of such situations and assist the
deserving recipients to the best of one's ability. This will ensure
that the distressed are relieved of their problems and such acts
will also beget punya for the doer. The doer will also experience
a distinct sense of calm and joy.
However, some people hesitate in this regard. They tend to
procrastinate stating: "I will help later." This is not correct,
because life is unpredictable. No one can state with certainty
what will happen tomorrow. No one has conquered the wheel
of time, with its repeated cycles of joy and suffering that
confront all of us.
This is what our ancestors have instructed us:
  न कश्चिदपि जानाति किं कस्य श्वो भविष्यति ।
  अतः श्वः करणीयानि कुर्यादद्यैव बुद्धिमान् ॥
It means: No one knows what will happen to whom tomorrow.
Therefore the wise complete even tomorrow's work right away!
Instead of procrastinating work, it is a beneficial practise to
complete this very day even that work which has been allotted
for the following day.
Our Blessings for all to internalise this well and sanctify their

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