[Advaita-l] Is God bound by the Laws of Karma ?

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SamashTi vaasanaas of all beings become the maaya shakti with which the creator, God, creates. maayaa is same as prakRiti - maayantu prakritim vidyaat.prakruti and purusha are beginningless - anaadi says Krishna.mayaadhyakshena prakrutiH suuyate sa chaaraacharam.Hence Lord does not create randomly but uses the vaasanaas of all beings that are in subtle form to project the world of plurality. Yes in a way He is bound by the vaasanas to form a basis for His creation. 
Within the transactional level, the rules are set by the prior vaasanas for the creation. 
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>From the paramArthika stand point there is no karma hence no karma phala as there is no srushti.  And the brahman is karmAdhyaksha and karmaphala dAta and at the same time kevala nirguNa (shwetAshwatara up.).  So, he is not bound by karma ( the other definition of the brahman is nitya shuddha buddha mukta).  The avatAra you mentioned is acting so and we the bhakta-s define it as their leela / pastimes and not karma.  And more importantly for us, the advaitins, there is no difference between rAma, krishna and Narasimha (or any divine incarnation for that matter) all are sOpAdhika parabrahma svarUpa only and they grace their bhakta-s with compassion.  

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Nirguna Brahman is precisely that which is unaffected by Karma. However, for an Avatar of Saguna Brahman, the "Sharira" is affected by the same laws of Karma as other Jivas, but these are enlightened beings so the way Karma affects them is quite different. This is evidenced by the lives of Sri Krishna and Rama. Here too there might be some subtleties. I presume some one like Narasimha would be unaffected by Karma when compared to Krishna or Sri Rama. Maybe more knowledgeable people on this forum will have something more to add.



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