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Janma leads to karma and karma leads to janma - this is a cache 22 situation.  Hence both are mithya and AdhyEya.  The AdhAra vastu is pure consciousness - which is nothing but the self.  To get this 'experience' should be ones struggle.
श्रीकामाक्षि-मनोज्ञ-मंद-हसित-ज्योथिष्कणेभ्यो नमः  

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This is how I interpret it.

In the Vyavaharika level, everything is circular, not linear.

There is no particular beginning, We can start by telling the story from

1. Jiva has vasanas.

2. Jiva does certain Karma to fulfil its vasana.

3. These karmas yield "karma phalam" which is nothing but more vasanas.

4. Hiranyagarbha is the cumulative total of the vasanas of all the
individual Jivas.

5. Iswara & Hiranyagarbha are basically two sides of the same coin. Iswara
is active while Hiranyagarbha is in the potential form.

6. Iswara evaluates all vasanas & using the Maaya shakthi creates various
circumstances & happenings in the jagat to fulfil these vasanas.

7. Its cyclical, Iswara creates jiva & jagat to execute the fulfilment of
the vasanas, which jiva does through some karma which further creates
vasanas which necessitates Iswara for the creation of jiva & jagat.

7. The cycle goes on & on until Moksha.

8. Moksha happens when jiva realizes that its appearance is a result of its


Mahadevan Iyer
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