[Advaita-l] How is prarabdha karma alloted to a jiva ?

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 Dear Mahadevan,
 Yes, it is true that prior karmas among the several Janma's determine the present state of Jiva as he is inbibed in that karma cycle. Often peeople say what goes around comes around. However a jnani can burnt most of the prabarada in the current life and become non attached which can lead to moksha. Body remains as long as the prarabda remains. once the body consciousness is lost jnani attains mukti as Ramana says.

regarding the traverse of jiva, I udnerstood this concept with the help of sri swami yuketwars equinox theory. He say when a child is borned he is in the mathematical harmony of his previous karmas. it can be simply explained by once he grows, he will be put up in a place such that he is bound by the people (Jivas) which are a party of his previous karmas. I mean people will be different, jivas will be same to function the similar actions to face/ or to get rid off the accumulated previous actions among the births. One can understand better if some one go through to the holy science of sri swami yukteswar.

There may not be fixed no of jivas. However the accumulated prarabda will be shared by the people (Jivas) around you. Once has to face off or get rid-off as there couldn't be any escape. here is the link for holy science.


Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
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We say that it is the prior janma karmas of a jiva that determines the
state of a jiva in his current janma. A portion of sanchita karma is
converted into prarabdha karma & allotted to a jiva.

But what are the criteria of this distribution at the vyvaharika level ?

Is there a UNIQUE Jiva identity that linearly traverses life after life ?

If so then initially there must be a fixed no of jivas. How is it possible?

Else, We could say that a particular jiva identity is not specific. But
then how can we say that a particular jiva attained Moksha ?


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