[Advaita-l] Proof for 84 lakhs of birth

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Namasthe Sarvebhya:
I am just copying someone's reply here:
My question is: we all quote that to get human birth we go through 84 lakhs
of janma in different yonis. What is the proof for this? I know Kanakadasa
has written that in a song. I am not looking for answers like in a song. I
am looking for the authentic proof. The knowledgeable people in the group
could throw light on this please.
Thanks a lot.
Indira Sastry
सत्यानंदः अंतरतः विद्यते
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>  Pls read inbetween:
> My question is…
> …in the next Life
> Does the same Jiva A1 & A2 reincarnate?
> If so, then A1 will have to inherit prarabdha “x” & A2 inherits prarabdha
> “y”.  This leads to a finite amount of Jivas. How can there be a finite
> number of Jivas ?
> Jivas are all living beings. There are 84 lac yonis and migration in
> between them is also possible.So it is not a simple linear relationship as
> you mention. Humans can take animal births and vice versa.There is no way
> logic can fathom that.
> If not, then there is no specific identity traversal, hence while
> Moksha who is Liberated?
> The jiva who attains moksha gets liberated. Normal rule is via human birth
> but there are instances and exceptions otherwise.
> Since there is reincarnation,there must be a certain identity traversal
> between lives. Since face, colour, region, etc are different, we consider
> that the “karmas” as the determining factor. But if
> “By definition, a jiva is the bundle of karma and its effects that
> from life to life.”
> What determines this bundle.
> The present karma (kriyamana karma) determines the future bundle.
> Of course, we could believe that these karma phalams are determined by
> ISWARA and hence ISWARA is kartha, it is not deterministic. But, is there
> any other alternatives to tackle this?
> Ishwara is not a karta. There is no kartritwa bhavana or else he can be
> termed partial. It is the law of karma that functions meticulously under
> him.
> Is Advaita purely based on faith ?
> Without faith nothing is possible. It keeps you going on this life
> journey.As one progresses he can see milestones going as mentioned in
> shashtras .When knowledge fails, faith takes over.
> Regards,S.Kabra

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