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> Thus, for Shankara the upasya murti for a mumukshu can be anything that
> Ishwara takes out of Maya, to bless the mumukshu.  One cannot force a
> mumukshu to meditate upon one deity only. Loko bhinna ruchih.
> >
> IMHO the upAsya murti can be different. But entire creation / universe
> including oneself must be "seen" in that and vice versa too. The
> meditator/upAsaka is not external to the upAsya/Ishwara/Brahman. This alone
> makes Vedic/Hindu view different from other non-vedic / Abrahamic
> (A-brAhmic ? ) views

Yes, this is true.  The murti the upasaka chooses is looked upon by him as
the Vishwamurti, encompassing the entire creation.  The Vibhuti Yoga of the
Bh.G.10th chapter offers us a lot of choices. This, again, is differently
looked upon by diff schools and all would not be in agreement.


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